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MAAZ was the brainchild of Leo Hairapetian. A successful entrepreneur, enthusiast, dreamer, and perfectionist Mr. Hairapetian realized that there was an opportunity to create a hair care brand that operates on the same platform as the leading luxury brands in the world do. Fusing together the scientific advancement in the field of hair care and the opulence of the fashion world, our company was born.

The common denominator in the world of opulence was continued trend setting innovation. Technology, design, effectiveness, luxury and practicality are the core to any successful endeavor. From the latest cell phone to the fastest sports car, the resonating sound is this; Better with time according to time. Mrs. Coco Chanel was a visionary, yet once a year the fashion house releases a fresh new line.

A revolutionary idea, that combined the best available modern advancements in aesthetics. After extensive research, MAAZ discovered that while every product in the world was fast adapting to the needs and consensus of the present day consumers, the hair care industry had remained stagnant. Even the most popular and chic names in the industry had not utilized the tools to meet the needs of the consumer. Formulas were outdated, marketing was repeated. Sadly, only the models in the ads had changed. MAAZ wiped the slate clean and started from scratch. Priding ourselves in self-sufferance we started with no preexisting formulas.


Perfection was the only possible solution. We assembled a team of renowned cosmetic chemists from every corner of the world and the chess game began. After endless confrontational exchanges of professional criticism, and self procured idealism, we created a formulation that embodied the principles that were dear to our founder. Yet being the meticulous perfectionist, he was not satisfied.


Despite the assurance from our team of chemists, we had to test our product. After all what good is a product if it is only in our laboratory. Going beyond the industry standard of testing on a designated number of trial runs assigned to a certain number of women, we at MAAZ decided to take the next step and supply our product to internationally acclaimed hair stylists who feel and work with more hair than anyone. The outpouring of positive feedback was the assurance that we needed.


With the combination of the latest available ingredients, science, fashion trends, environmental conscience we brought to life a harmonious relationship. As with every functioning marriage, we created a business model that delivers results, while concurrently accepting the fact that we always will strive to be better.


Every bottle of our product contains the best available on the market, guaranteed. Each limited batch is made in the USA under the careful scrutiny of our team of chemists. We limit the quantity to ensure each bottle contains the perfect balance of haute couture and scientific breakthroughs.


Our business model is based on a very simple yet proven dynamic. Supply the consumer with the best possible product, and the consumer will supply loyalty. At MAAZ we also know that even perfection can be perfected. Designed after the concept of constant improvement of product and design, we made a vow to further continue our quest to supply only the best. Each and every one of our clients is assured a hair care treatment to mimic the attention that is only found at high-end salons.

To quote the famous theologian Martin Luther “… hair is the richest ornament of women”. We stand firm on our founding principle. Luxury of beauty, strand of class…